Losing that Nano momentum…

So, I purposefully took the week after NaNoWriMo ended off of writing – partly to give myself a break, and partly to let the story percolate in my brain a bit more before getting to the rewrites (there’s going to be hell of a lot of rewrites!).

The plan was then to start re-outlining and nailing down my plot points this week, so that I can jump into writing again next week. But, then, of course, I came down with a nasty cold and have spent the past two weeks languishing of consumption on the couch. Not writing, or plotting, or really anything productive.

Okay, I knitted my first hat. But that was lazy productivity – I haven’t even yoga’d in two weeks!

I’m still coughing a lot, but there’s really no reason why I can’t get back to that super-productive schedule I had in November, where even when I was tired, the momentum carried me forward and I kept making new words every day.

I need that momentum back….

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