Life, the universe, and everything

A decade in review

I love this idea from Jenny Trout of making a list of important stats from the past decade…not necessarily all positive or life-changing, just a simple, unbiased look at the past 10 years. So, in no particular order, here’s mine:

Tropical storms lived through: 2

States lived in: 2

Cities lived in: 3

Jobs held: 5

Jobs rage-quit: 1

Jobs fired: 1*

Kittens rescued: 1

Times downstairs neighbor has banged on my floor because the cat is too noisy: Countless

Times downstairs neighbor has threatened to call the police because the cat is too noisy: 1

Times downstairs neighbor has been offered a different apartment and has refused, despite the cat being too noisy: 2

Tall ships visited: 12

Tall ships sailed: 2

New hobbies cultivated: 5**

Cars bought: 1

Cars paid off: 0

Peer reviewed papers published: 2

Peer reviewed papers held hostage by PI: 2

Degrees earned: 1

Scientific conferences attended: 8

Oral presentations at scientific conferences: 2

Half marathons run: 13

Countries visited: 6

Dive trips: 2

Camping trips: 4

Words of fan fiction written: 710,132ish

Relatives died: 1

Melanomas removed: 2

Dead bodies discovered: 1***

*Not the same job.

**Working on #6. I don’t think 4 orchids count as a hobby just yet. Especially since I might have already killed one.

***Not the relative that died.





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