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October 21, 2019

My favorite thing is waking up early when it’s raining, then just lying in bed listening. This morning I woke up at 530am – pouring rain, and the temperature was finally dropping below 80. So, I stayed in bed, and fell back asleep.

That’s the time of night/morning when I always have the most vivid dreams. This morning I dreamed I was in some sort of sailing context, but we had to use inflatable ribs instead of actual sailboats, and my team’s had several holes that needed patching. From there it morphed into this bizarre period piece that I was a character in; a politician had engineered for my ship to sink, and then hosted a very sad torchlit funeral in the middle of Washington DC to honor all the crew that went down with the ship.

On the pretext of needing him to talk to a lawyer, I got him to follow me to a closed-in, crowded square. As we walked around the square, the supposedly dead sailors and people who were eyewitness to the sabotage started falling in with us, until we had a huge crowd assembled on the steps of a church. Then the crowd started singing a hymn, and the captain of the ship pushed his way forward – that was when the politician knew he was fucked, and I woke up.

The worst thing about trying to remember dreams is that they don’t make any logical sense; it’s the feeling of them that’s powerful, and the most hard to describe. I don’t know what it was about that dream, but it was super impactful, and I hope I can keep remembering it.

And of course, I’m already thinking of whether or not I can tie it in to one of my story ideas….

In other news, I spent the morning on Saturday trying to maneuver a 50lb steaming light into place, and strained my deltoid, which was already sore from climbing on Wednesday. I guess the good news is that I don’t need that muscle for running?

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