Day in the life

October 3, 2019

One thing I love about working remotely is that if I don’t want to see a single person all day, I don’t have to see a single person all day. The downside is that it makes connecting with coworkers a little challenging.

I had a meeting scheduled for 8am this morning – at least, I thought I did. I woke up at 730 (it’s my rest day, shut up, I’m tired), showered and coffee’d, signed on to the web meeting…and I’ve been stood up?

Then I saw that I hadn’t actually accepted the meeting invite; it’s colored as tentative on my calendar. So, am I the one doing the standing up??


Regardless, it’s not worth trying to track down my coworker – he’s in Spain, it’s 4pm for him, and if he wasn’t expecting to have the call today then there’s no point in having a call.

Because I reeeeeally wanted to discuss LinkedIn posting strategies at 8am this morning /s

Another bonus to working remotely – now that my meeting is off the calendar, I can squeeze in half an hour of yoga! After 6 miles yesterday morning and an hour of climbing in the evening, I need it…

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