Life, the universe, and everything

It is risen (it is risen indeed)

Today is my first Saturday off in a long, long time, the weather is gorgeous, I’m full of pent-up energy…

…and there’s not much I can do about it, because I have a 1.5-inch slice on the back of my neck and sutures that I don’t want to tear.

It’s at that super tricky stage – it doesn’t hurt anymore, so I want to turn my head and do an hour of yoga and go for a hard run. But I can’t, because sutures.

So, I spent the morning doing yoga-lite and cleaning the apartment (slowly); now I’m baking two loaves of rosemary focaccia bread, because why not.

I’m also attempting to make a sourdough starter, for the first time in a few years. The last attempt…did not go well. Failure to thrive is probably the kindest way to describe it. This time around, I looked up a ton of instructions and tips first. I mixed together the ingredients, added them to a glass mason jar, and set it out on the counter to rise a bit before putting it in the fridge.

Half an hour later – it rose. It rose up to the lid; pushed the lid off the jar. It rose out of the jar, and allll over the counter.

Maybe next time I won’t add double the amount of yeast…

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