Life, the universe, and everything

Weekly wrap-up

Do you ever have those weeks where all of a sudden it’s Friday, and you can’t say what you’ve done all week because you have absolutely no idea?
I think I’ve spent the past two weeks doing nothing but emailing and having calls…but I’m not really sure. I wasn’t even that busy – I’ve been able to leave work on time every day – but the days have been so packed that by the time 5pm rolls around, I’m just tired and have accomplished nothing. Then that spills over to the evening, where all I want to do when I get home is veg on the couch and watch Netflix. I’ve written a grand total of 26 words this week, and even that was a struggle.
We’re barreling towards the April NIH grant deadline, so I have a ton of projects to set up and kick off; next week will be spent on the boring admin side of things.
I’m doing my taxes next week – with an actual accountant. I’ve technically had three different jobs at two different companies this year, and I’m hoping that my taxes aren’t as much of a mess as it feels like they are; but they could be a disaster, so. Biting the bullet and actually paying an accountant to help me with them this time around.
I also set up an eye doctor appointment to finally, finally get a new pair of glasses – I’ve had these since halfway through grad school. Time to upgrade and not look like a broke-ass grad student any more!
So, next week is shaping up to be just as packed as this week. I actually get President’s Day off for once in my life; but, just like in grad school, I have so much to do that it’s a holiday in name only. I can at least fit in my 9-mile long run in the morning, since Saturday and Sunday will taken up by sail training. Oh darn.
I need to make more of an effort next week to write whether or not I feel like it, and to make time for it. Because I’m never going to magically have tons of time or tons of energy at the end of the day. It’s either a priority or not, and I need to treat it that way.
So, happy weekend, and happy writing!

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