Life, the universe, and everything

I started this blog with such good intentions – I had posts written and scheduled, a whole backlog of haikus, so many plans!

I also had so much more time, having quit my awful day job for a freelancing gig.

Since then, I’ve taken on a new (and way better) day job, but with that came, well, a whole lot of work. Fun and interesting work, yes. I still have a super flexible schedule. It’s just taken me forever to settle into a routine.

Actually, I’m not sure I’m quite there yet.

I’ve also done a ton of traveling this fall: a trip to Miami to talk about my contract in person; New Orleans with some friends for amazing food and jazz (although I spent the entire car ride home on my laptop trying to finish up some proposals for a deadline); a quick work trip to Madison (my first time in Wisconsin); a trip up to Boston and Cape Cod, which was supposed to be for a half marathon – but just days before I came down with a terrible cold and couldn’t run. I would have tried to walk it, except a nor’easter blew in on race day with forty degrees, six inches of rain, and 30mph gusts. That was a recipe for pneumonia.

Deciding not to run was actually a super hard decision – yes the weather was shitty, yes I’d totally slacked off on training – but it was going to be my 14th race in my 10th state!

In the end I’m glad I made that decision, because I might actually have died otherwise; but during those three hours I spent sitting in a warm, dry coffee shop coughing my lungs out while waiting for my running buddy to finish the race, I thought a lot about what exactly I want to do with my future.

I felt like I’d given up on this blog and my dream of a writing career, just like I’d given up on the race. Never mind that I had perfectly legitimate reasons for not running, and that it was the best decision.

The truth was that I hadn’t been prioritizing running; and I haven’t been prioritizing writing.

If I really want to do this – and I do – then I’ll make the time. I won’t worry about having a perfectly curated blog with intentional, regular posts. I’ll just write. Build that habit, get that consistency going.

Apologies in advance for the mess that you all will be subjected to!

In that vein, I am also doing Nanowrimo this month. Do I think I’ll actually manage 50,000 words? Probably not. But I’m going to do as much as I can, because every word will get me closer to finally finishing that first novel.

I won’t post any of that word vomit here, don’t worry! I will do regular updates on my progress, however, as well as some travel posts. I’m traveling a ton more in November and December, and maybe a couple people will find it interesting?

Maybe not. Who knows.

Next post: a quick review of my trip to Boston!

Tonight: planning a trip to San Diego to crew the oldest sailing ship in the world, and some add-on days to my work trip to Madrid (I honestly don’t know which trip I’m more excited about!).

And then – writing, writing, writing!

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