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Who is this Eliza person, anyway?

Who is this Eliza person anyway?

Well, first of all, I’m a pseudonym. Not because my identity as a supervillain mad scientist is super secret or anything; I just want to keep my fiction-writing exploits separate my professional academic career. Having a potential employer stumble upon a series of romance novels rather than my behavioral pharmacology paper would be nearly as embarrassing as that one time I accidentally went to the same Zumba class as my adviser.

(For the record, working out next to your adviser while Pitbull plays at full volume leads to a very awkward lab meeting the next day).

Pseudonymity aside, I’ve run the gamut of the life sciences experience: I’ve been a technician, a graduate student, postdoc, adjunct professor (while a grad student; having students older than me address me as “Professor” was a bit surreal), and am now dabbling in the dark side of evil industry. So whatever stage of your career you’re in, I can probably relate.

Tell them what you’re going to tell them; tell them; the tell them what you’ve told them

(Show of hands, who else absolutely hates that presentation advice?)

What can you expect from this blog? Weekly updates that reflect my three passions in life:

1) Science

2) Writing

3) Health and Fitness

4) Cupcakes

Why should you care?

Life in science can be hard. Life, period, can be hard. My goal is to bring you interesting, informative articles that you can apply to your life, as well as entertaining stories that prove that even grad students can have a happily ever after!

And cupcakes. Because let’s be honest, cupcakes are amazing.

Be sure to sign up for my mailing list {coming soon!} to get updates on blog posts and book releases*, and don’t be shy about joining in the conversation!

*My first novel, Chemistry in the Lab, is slated for publication mid-fall. This is subject to change, but deadlines are awesome.

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